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This purpose of this page is to introduce you to some of my personal favorite TV Shows from the Sixties. I will include links to some great sites I have found on the web pertaining to these shows. I will also display some of my personal collection of photographs and items pertaining to these shows. This page was made possible by the my wonderful instructor!

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One of my all time favorite TV shows from the Sixties is Dark Shadows. Another is Bewitched. Notice a pattern here?

The Gothic Soap Thriller Dark Shadows was on the air for six years from 1966 to 1971. There were over 1200 episodes which are still rerun in syndication today. All of the episodes are on video and can be found at MPI Video.
The comedy series featuring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha ran on ABC from 1964 to 1972. You can find some interesting books and videos at the following Bewitched Site.

Some of the others are Man From UNCLE, Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Twilight Zone.

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