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The following pictures were taken inside the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel. These photos were taken during Conventions for the Sixties Gothic Show "Dark Shadows".

Dark Shadows fans lounging in the lobby.
DS Fans In Marriott Lobby.

This shot was taken from the left end of the lobby. Straight ahead was the Grand Ballroom and the walkway into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
Walkway To The North Tower.

Looking in the opposite direction would lead to the front desk and Tall Ships Restaurant.
Marriott Lobby Leading To Tall Ships.

Playful guests descending the stairway in the main lobby.
Laramie And Nancy On The Stairs.

Guests in the lobby after a recent Dark Shadows Convention Banqet.
Laramie And Sheenasma After The Banquet.

This photo was taken in the walkway portion of the lobby that led to the North Tower entrance. Here you see convention guests outside the entrance to the Grand Ballroom.
Michael, Ben, and Angelique Bust Sculptor.

Directly inside the Grand Ballroom.
Outer Room Of The Grand Ballroom.

Child actress Sharon Smyth from Dark Shadows on stage in the Grand Ballroom.
Sharon Smyth Auction.

Another shot inside the Grand Ballroom shows actress Lara Parker presiding at the podium. Parker starred in Dark Shadows as Angelique.
Lara Parker and Sharon Smyth.

The following shots were taken inside one of the guest rooms at the Marriott.
Inside Guest Room.
Inside Guest Room 2.
Inside Guest Room 3.

Views From The Marriott

Outside The Marriott

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