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The following pictures were taken from various locations in New York City including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and other spots in South Manhattan.

Riding on the ferry to Liberty Island with the Towers in the background.
View Of the Towers from the Liberty Island Ferry.

A closer view of the Twin Towers from the ferry.
Closer View Of Towers.

This shot was taken from the observation deck of the Statue of Liberty.
Towers From Statue.

A closer view of lower Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty.
Closer View From Statue.

The following shots of lower Manhattan were taken on the return trip on the Liberty Island Ferry.
Lower Manhattan.
The Towers In Lower Manhattan.

The following photos of lower Manhattan were taken from the observation deck on top of the Empire State Building.
Towers From Empire State Building.
The Towers Close Up From The Empire State Building.

This shot was taken from Liberty Street.
Towers From Liberty Street.

A closer view of the top of The Towers from Liberty Street.
Closer View Of Top Of Towers.

This shot of the morning sun on the Twin Towers was taken from the WTC Plaza.
The Sun On The Towers From The Plaza.

Another shot of the towers from the Plaza with Five World Trade Center in the immediate foreground.
Towers From Plaza plus WTC 5.

Looking back into the plaza from the corner of 5 World Trade where a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop was located. Here you can see the fountain in front of the North Tower with the South Tower to the left.
The Marriott Hotel stands between the towers behind the tree.
Plaza, Towers, And Marriott From WTC 5.

Friends directly in front of 5 World Trade Center at the Krispy Kreme.
A little farther down you see Borders.
In Front Of Krispy Kreme At WTC 5.

Friends enjoying breakfast from Krispy Kreme in the WTC Plaza between 4WTC and 5WTC.
Looking across Church Street you see The Millenium Hilton Hotel.
Breakfast In The Plaza.

The following two photos were taken from the Marriott Financial Center Hotel on West Street.

The World Trade Center Towers at dusk with The West Street Building in the foreground.
The Towers At Dusk With 90 West Street.

"Goodnight World Trade Center."
The Towers At Dusk With 90 West Street.
"May All Victims Of September 11 Rest In Peace"

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