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The address was Three World Trade Center. It was also known as the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel. Located directly between the two World Trade Center Towers, it was one of the most wonderful places to stay in New York City. Here you see the Marriott nestled between the Twin Towers. To the left in the foreground is the World Financial Center. Also, you see the Millenium Hilton peeking behind the Marriott and between the towers.
View Of Marriott And WTC Towers.

This shot of the front entrance of the hotel was taken from Liberty street. The front of the Marriott faced West Street.
Front of the Marriott facing West St.

Another view of the front of the Marriott from Liberty Street. To the left is One World Trade Center also known as The North Tower. The Marriott was directly connected to the North Tower by a walkway.
Front Of The Marriott And WTC One.

Another angle shows a better view of the North Tower with the connecting Marriott.
Another Angle Of The Marriott And North Tower.

Another view from the same angle. This time the North Tower is in full view.
Full View Of North Tower Against The Marriott.

Here we see the front of the Marriott again on the corner of West Street and Liberty St. The Tall Ships Restaurant was on this corner of the hotel and you could enter from Liberty Street. The South Tower rises behind the hotel.
Marriott With South Tower Behind.

A view of the top of the Marriott looking up at the towers. The large row of windows around the top of the Marriott is where the gym was located.
Top Of Marriott Looking Up At Towers.

Here is a view of the back side of the Marriott looking at the Plaza between the Twin Towers. The North Tower is to the right and the South Tower to the left. The black building in the foreground on the left is Four World Trade Center. This shot was taken from Church Street.
Back View Of Marriott From Plaza.

Another angle taken from the plaza looking up at the North Tower with the top corner of the Marriott to the right.
Back Top Of Marriott Looking Up At North Tower.

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